The Blue Hole & Abu Galum

Just right out side of Dahab in Egypt is a place called the Blue Hole, very popular with snorkeling and diving but mostly diving, but like I said in my last blog I will talk about the diving in my next blog. So the blue hole is about 15-20 min outside of dahab. People usually pile in a jeep and head on out there. On the way there you usually see hotels and a line of bedouins on their camels, most the time there leading a group of tourist  from their resorts.  Theres nothing really there except a couple of shops and some restaurants and a bunch of people there for diving.

So passed the Blue Hole there is another place called Abu Galum. The only way to get there is by getting dropped off at the blue hole by a taxi/jeep, then you have to walk  or ride a camel if you have enough money or if you have a lot of stuff. The walk is about an 1 1/2, you go up this desert hill/mountain then go down and once you reach the bottom your walking along the sea side which is brilliant, because there’s the mountain desert on one side then theres the blue sea on the other, it’s very scenic might I say!

I went there with 3 other friends, so on the way there the boys were collecting drift wood for the fire,  because I was carrying all the rum and juice, but on the way there, theres old abandon lounge areas where people would take a break from walking or going on a camel tour, so you’ll just see some random things on the way a like huge amount of empty soda bottles and what not.  You can see Saudi Arabia, across the sea, it’s so close. Its funny, because on the way there I got this text on my phone saying welcome to  Saudi Arabia.

When you finally get there all you pretty much see is a couple of tents, some huts and some hammocks,  a small lounge area and a small kitchen behind it and that’s it. Theres nothing really there at all, so you have to be prepared to bring your own food, drinks and maybe a blanket , but they have blankets and mats for you to sleep with, they even have food to buy, it’s whatever the catch of the day is but they charge a lot because they can, because there’s nothing out there. Theres nothing to do except lounge and snorkel, so it’s the perfect time to read a book.

When we first got there, we were greeted with tea and sweet sesame paste. We were pretty much the only people there except the bedouin guy and two other dudes. Its was almost dark when we got there so we started the fire, it was a good thing we collected wood because that was our only source of light. Since it was dark there was really nothing to do except have some drinks around the fire, talk about stuff and smoke some splifs. The bedouin guy gave us some herb, but I swear it was camel shit, because it was so bammer. Did you know that they grow weed out in the desert and that’s what they sometimes feed the camels with, crazy huh! Well anyway we all passed out on the beach around the camp fire underneath the blanket of stars, soo sweet! I woke up really early because of the sunrise, I watched it rise then went back to sleep. When I woke back up I did some yoga and went for a snorkel. Theres a labyrinth of coral out there its amazing! I even found these really cool shells and made a pair of earings out of them.  I heart Abu Galum!


6 thoughts on “The Blue Hole & Abu Galum

  1. christy says:

    Wow Cindy….I don’t even know what to say…It looks unbelievable

  2. CAT says:

    BEAUTIFUL! So amazing it feels like a dream to even hear it. Love you!

  3. Vanessa Ricketson says:

    I would never come home. I would be the chick at the beach in the desert fishing and cooking food for the tourists.

  4. Sarah Peacock says:

    awwww Cindy , I always look forward to your blogs! sounds like you are having the time of your life! Love all of the great photos! Miss you! Keep safe and keep the blogs coming! love you Sarah~

  5. Violet says:

    You can jump really really high. As usual the pics are amazing, we’re lucky that you always have your camera with you. Who deos the dog belong to and what is his name, why isn’t he jumping too!

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