What To Do, Dahab!

What to say about Dahab? Umm, well its beautiful relaxing and the diving and snorkeling is spectacular. I will talk all about the diving in a different blog. Dahab is a very tiny town with shops and restaurants all along the sea side with the desert mountains in the back drop. I was in Dahab for about 2 months. My time in Dahab almost seems like a blur or a wrinkle in time, I definitely got sucked into the blue hole  for a while.  So why did I stay in this tiny town for so long you might be wondering, well my first night there I got a job at a  bar/restaurant called ”Yalla” which mean let’s go in arabic and then a couple of days after that I started working. The pay was shit but it paid for my accommodation, food, beer and what not, so it was ok. But during the day it was boring as hell, so it was really annoying but then I found myself mixing up vodka, mango, pineapple, mint concoctions with a splash of soda water, umm so good!  When you have a slight buzz through out the day it just makes things go by so much faster and pleasant, not to mention when the occasional customer would come by with an”‘ herbal refreshment” if you know what I mean, ha ha!  But it was nice  sometimes when no one was there, because I would just find myself sitting on the back bar that looks over the red sea and the main strip where all the restaurants and shops and just people watch, and zone out on the sea. If the day was really clear you could see Saudi Arabia  and the desert mountains in a far of distance.

So when I wasn’t working what would I do, well pretty much the usual thing that everybody else does, chill out and relax. A usual day for me would consist of me waking up at 11am, have a turkish coffee check my emails, then have a fresh juice cocktail for 5 pounds which is 1 dollar. Shoot the shit with people for a while, then walk down to the restaurant that I worked at and lay for a while on the sun beds till it got too hot, snorkel for a couple of hours, come back lay out again order shisha and read a book.  Maybe take a shower then meet up with friends and go out for dinner at one of the restaurant by the sea then go out for a drink, play some pool or fosse ball. Sounds like a hard life huh! Yeah right, get real, huh!

One of my favorite nights though happened to be when me and a bunch of my friends went out in the mountains and partied at a bedouin camp we  just had to bring our own booze. They would let us hang out if we gave them some money. They accommodated us with a fire and bedouin tea which of course I spiked with whiskey, my faves! We walked up a small mountain/hill and saw a great view of the city. To keep us entertained we all played this really fun drinking game, that I can’t really remember how to play but it was a good times  laughing our asses off. After a while I had to wander away into the darkness to go star gaze, absolute heaven! But then I start to hear then bedouins playing  the drums and of course I have to start belly dancing so much fun dancing around the fire with the stars, mountains and good company all around, and to top it off at the end of the night the bedouins gave me a shell necklace for dancing.

Back to the town, Dahab definitely has its character to add to the place with the creepy guys trying desperately to get you into their restaurants, saying weird stuff like ” oh excuse me, excuse me, I think you  dropped something”  then you look back and there’s nothing there  then they say “my heart, you dropped my heart” covering their chest, then they try to talk you into going in their restaurant, it’s just silly! Then there’s the crazy little bedouin girls forcing you to buy there bracelets. Their cute but their fucken ruthless, they go up to you from behind and shout “BUY ONE” and you say “la shukran” which means “”no thank you” then they shout again, “BUY ONE” , it’s really funny because I”ll be hang out with some friends and nobody wants to buy any and then they start saying stuff like ” you greedy man, you greedy man,  but every once and a while I’ll buy one of them just so they go away, because they start to hang out with you, every once in a while its okay, but then it just gets old. Though out my stay I think I’ve bought about 6 bracelets. Then there’s the absurd amount of goats, there everywhere eating trash Its crazy when you see a goat with a plastic jug hanging around their neck because they ate their way through the plastic, most of them are filthy with their utters or balls hanging  down to the ground, but I just happened to get a picture of some cute ones.

I feel like im just rambling so im gonna stop, but on my other blogs I will talk about the Blue Hole,  Abu Galum and my diving experience.


5 thoughts on “What To Do, Dahab!

  1. dreamer:. says:

    u sound very happy….:)
    Good Biz.

  2. Lydia Rivera says:

    I can just see you dancing around the fire under the stars ahahahaa! Im so glad to hear from you. It sounds like your fitting in just fine. I love the mafioso pic with you and the hundos…CLASSIC! So whats the next move? And what about the boys? Good luck with that…hopefully they all dont look like the one you posted…aye! I miss you and cant wait to hear more….muah!

  3. Joe says:

    I didn’t know you were working, what are you doing?? Did you run out of $$$ yet? When you coming home?? Love Ya..

    Thanks for the postcard, boys loved it!!

  4. Violet says:

    Thanks for sharing and having fun for all of us. Hope your re-entry to the States is painless, at least you have your shishas waiting for you at home!

  5. CAT says:

    wow. you worked at a bar? Serving drinks? Crazy, I had no idea. I have so many questions. I am glad that you are having a good time.

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