Bizzar Cairo

I know its been for days since i made my last blog but, I just don’t know where the time went.Well I’m finally going to do my last blog on Cairo.  I think I spent a total of three and a half weeks in Cairo. Aside from doing the normal tourist stuff  I definitely had my run in with some random happenings. Just crossing the street everyday felt like I was taking a life risk. So you know that game frogger, I was pretty much playing that game at least 10 times a day, but me being the frog. There’s so many cars passing by, going at least 40 mph that don’t stop for shit! So what I had to do was either link arms or hold hands with my friends when we crossed, until I was confident to cross the street by myself or forced to cross by myself. There are strategies to crossing the street, it’s pretty much timing tho. You can cross one car at a time or just go for it and try to cross the whole street, which is really hard because the chance of you getting hit by a car is about 90%. But the what everybody usually does is pass one car wait, pass another car and wait until you finally cross the street. While all this is happening there are cars flying past you inches away from you body and you’re hoping to god you’re not going to get smashed by a taxi. I know this sounds bad but my stratagie when I was crossing by myself  when the streets were filled with crazy cars and it was hard to cross, was to wait and cross when somebody else was crossing. I would stay to the right of them just in case a car was to hit them so then when I was to get hit it wouldn’t be so bad for me, I know, I know its sounds horrible, but i figured they have more experience with crossing so it made me feel better.

Um well this was totally random, you can already see by the photo how random this really was. Well what you see in the photo is me holding about 50,000 egyptian pounds which is like 10, ooo or so american dollars and me wearing an american flag bandana around my face. Your probably asking  how and why im holding 50,000 egyptian pounds and why im wearing an american flag bandana around my face? Well its kind of a long story by I will try to make it as short as possible. My egyptian friends and I just had dinner at his aunts house, very good and filling but that’s another story for my food blog. Then he said he had to stop by a clients house, to talk about him putting some money in some share  for this stock. My friends works for some stock company in egypt, i don’t really know exactly what he does but it’s somthing like that. So my other Egyptian friend are waiting in the car and about 35 min later he comes back with a bag of money. I say to him is  that how you do business in egypt, he say’s pretty much. Then we go back to his flat to count his money and make sure it’s all there and it is.  Then I say let’s do a photo shoot and he says ok. I grab the american flag bandana that I bought for my new friends from the states and put in on, thought it would make for a funny photo shoot,  so heres one of the shots, pretty random huh!

Another thing that I saw that was pretty random was when I went to the Hard Rock Cafe in Cairo. When I went to the bathroom on the stall door said no drugs or nuclear weapons allowed. You would think that they would put it on the wall somewhere before you enter the bar instead of the bathroom stall, so I guess it was a good thing that I left my nuclear bomb at the dinner table instead bringing it with me to the ladies room to go tinkle, because for sure they wouldn’t have let me in, huh, ha, ha!

I love this randomness. So everyone knows how bad cigarettes are for you, but in Egypt they put these lovely pictures on the packet just incase you forget the side effects  for males and females for smoking a cigarette.

For you enjoyment here are just some random photos of cairo that took hope you like.


6 thoughts on “Bizzar Cairo

  1. Philip T says:

    Yo Cinderella,

    Love reading your blogs. Just caught up on them all. the beach zone sounds great. I love little wrinkles in time and space to do nothing but eat sleep read and swim in the warmth of the sun. Stay safe and keep rockin’.

    Nice pics by the way, loved the pictures of traffic and the bottles on the beach. The bottles kinda looked like pirate treasure.

  2. CAT says:

    So glad to hear from you. Glad to see you are still having a blast? What is next? You have been there for 2 months? Love you. Cool photo shoot.

  3. christy hardin says:

    Good to skype with you the other day… I will try and be on again this saturday or sunday. I like the picture of the white car. Looks cool. Take care luv….

  4. Devin McBain says:

    *smile* I’m glad you’re having such an incredible adventure! So, while we in the States were wondering whether or not you were dead, I realized the one thing I want to tell you most: I’m usually the first person to start sweating in my ballet class, and I sweat a TON, and I ALWAYS think of you when I’m sweating and dancing my butt off. I love you and miss you, and I hope I get to dance and sweat with you again.

  5. Vanessa Ricketson says:

    Glad you are having fun! Notice the red blanket in the last pic? Looks just like the ones I have hanging over the studio door… I wonder where I got those???HEHE! Stay safe Lady! Love you and miss you!

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