In the Dark Streets of Luxor

For this story i have no picture, so just try and imagine. I go to this pub for a drink, and Im sitting at the bar alone and this Egyptian dude comes up to me and ask would you like to sit with us ,  i look at the table and there’s a couple of Egyptian dudes and some foreigners and i was like ehh sure why not.When i get to the table there’s  this big bottle of what looks like red label whiskey but its the Egyptian whiskey and its called red labll, so were all taking shots having a good time then one of them says were going to watch belly dancing do you want to come. Do i want to come, of coarse I want to, I love belly dancing, I’ve been waiting to see belly dancing and i haven’t seen any yet. So when your in Egypt if you want to see belly dancing you either have to pay a lot, a lot, a lot of money to see a professional or you go to a sleezy nightclub/bar,  and pay little bit of money or nothing to watch a belly dancer, but these places are known to be like strip clubs. Where do we go? Of course the sleezy night club. We take a taxi, we go down this tiny little dark  street and the only thing you can see is this neon light that says night club. The taxi drops us off and we all go in, we step inside and its extremely smokey, Egyptians smoke soooooooooo much, and all you hear is the echoing sounds of Arabic words and the loud sounds of Egyptian instruments. There’s only men in there and Im the only girl, we get a table right in front of the tiny stage and sit down. Its everything I thought it was gonna be. Awesome! We were clapping the guys were showering the belly dancers with money, i was dancing with the belly dancer, the men were belly dancing with each other and the dancer. One of the dudes gave me a stack of pounds and i was showering the dancer, it was crazyness. But then  the two Egyptian dudes started arguing with the other Egyptian dude and I was sitting in the middle of all of this, then all of a sudden they both went over the table and started punching the guy, and I was like what the hell is going on! and they they STABBED HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! holy shit I was thinking, Then I jammed out of there, and that was that!

Besides the whole stabbing story, Luxor was relaxing but hot and sweaty. Its really small so you can just walk everywhere but then you get the hassling from all the men trying to talk to you.

I was in ahh, with tombs because some of them still have coloring on them. I wish that I could have taken photos of them but they wouldn’t let you take you camera in side. But I could take photos of the temples, and they were beautiful the history is insane. There thousands of years old and there still in great condition


11 thoughts on “In the Dark Streets of Luxor

  1. Joe says:


  2. Joe says:

    CLASSIC “No Smoking or Nukes.” I think it’s great that you have this opportunity to see such randomness. Your making it happen girl and we are all so proud of you. I noticed your Mom recieved your Shisha and you asked for addresses a while ago, did you send one Shisha to everyone so you can puff every time you visit? Not much going on around here, for me still school and boys..The boys had their 3rd Bday on May 3. They had a blast. I moved around the living room yesterday and finally made a place for your pics. They look great!! Your an awesome photographer, can’t wait to see all your pics when you get home. When is that? And am I picking you up from LAX? Love Ya

  3. philip says:

    that is a pretty sketchy story. Sounded like some Indiana Jones story. I’m glad you’re alright…however, i do want more details at some point. Yes, where did you run to? did you see the knife? did the whole place erupt into chaos? Be safe Cindy. xoxo

  4. Mommy says:

    Hey there, your shishas arrived safely in a huge box! Miss u, love u

  5. gina says:

    ur phone hung up on me 😦
    u hate me. ur phone hates me.

    ……….do the watusi,…mash potato,……..uh do the alligator.

    i love u

  6. Cat says:

    So glad to hear from you! I was worried and even called Gina wondering if she had heard from you. Scary about the stabbing, glad you are okay. Where next? Stay safe, my powers are with you. can you feel them? I love you and am so happy that you are getting to experience this wonderful trip. Love, Cat

  7. Tony says:

    Sounds like you’re having a great time cuz!! Stay safe and enjoy your travels!

  8. gina says:

    I would be lyining if i didn’t say that blog was worry some.

    On the other end,…your photos are superb! I think the photos of this blog are my favs so far.

    My room is finneshed.

    When r u comming back? I want to go to edc. Be back by then please bijou.

    love u.

  9. K. Bueno says:

    STABBING!?….They were probably fighting over who got to hang out with such a lovely tourist girl ….or who gets to harvest your organs for the black market…haha anyhow glad to see you’re stirring it up in another land.. You probably gave the dancers a run for their money too! They were like ‘Daaaaammn girl” but in arabic… Whatever you do don’t buy a dead monkey’s paw.

  10. Lydia says:

    Girl….I was getting worried about you. Im so happy to hear from you! So what the hell happened after the stabbing? Where did u run to crazy lady? Thats nutty! So not sure if i told u or not but i moved out. i live in this little spot on chapala st with alyssa 🙂 im so happy. I showed sammy your pics and she wants me to tell u hi and that she misses you too. Anyway i would love to call you…lmk what the deal is with that? How are you on money r u doin okay? Luv Ya girl and am sooo proud of ya! xoxoxoxoxo

  11. Mommy says:

    Wonderful (stabbing) sounds like everything you wanted, why do you have to cause a raucus every where you go? Insane but way to go at handling yourself. I am looking forward to hearing about Dehab.

    Did they like your dancing, it was probably so unexpected!

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