Ahh Shisha, ahh shisha

So i have developed a lovely horrible new addiction, Shisha! I absolutely love it. I’ve been finding myself  waking up in the morning and wanting to smoke the sweet taste, of cherry, peach, pineapple, yadda, yadda, yadda, there’s so many flavors to name, but thos are my faves. There are also tons of  shisha cafes every where but there are only  certain ones that women are allowed to go in. There’s just something so relaxing about going on top of a rooftop bar  enjoying a cold beer or sipping on some mint tea, or sweet iced lemonade, puff, puff, puffing away watching the sunset on the city scapes, or reading a book with your feet propped up, chillen back. Or if you wanna get your shisha on, on a crazy level you can drink a bunch of beer, put your party socks on and get rowdy to this shisha song that i have provided for your listening and viewing pleasure. Its so much fun, for those of you that know me,  cant you just picture me getting crazy to this song, getting all shished out. So when you listen to this song don’t be shy, and shake your hips or head a little, get in the moment!


Since I have a new found addiction, I thought I should embrace it and get a shisha pipe of my own. So I went to the bizarre and went on the hunt for the perfect shisha. This couldn’t be any ol’ shisha pipe it had to be the one for me. My new Egyptian friends went with me because they said if I went alone I would for sure get ripped off, they could bargain for me and get the Egyptian price. There are shisha pipes sold every where, with the owners trying to lure me in, with there selling tactics. They all have the same strategy, and say the same thing, it gets pretty annoying hearing the same thing over and over again. Like oh pretty lady where you from? and I say America, and then they say I love Amrika, Obama ! You cant help but smile and laugh a lil cause its funny. Or they say nice tattoo or I have  best shisha in Cairo,  give you good price, and pretty much all the pipes look exactly the same everywhere. I think I heard the same thing about a gazillion times. While on my search I saw a man actually making the shisha pipes right there, it was really cool. But then I saw it, out the corner of my eye, in a shop that I was passing by, where there was no man trying to hassle me to go in there shop. It was calling my name, it was blue and pink with silver shiny glitter, I swear there was none like it, because I looked everywhere. It was definitely made just for me, but then I found another one that I couldn’t live with out, so I had to get both, the other one has stars on it, love it too! But since I don’t want to travel with them,  I had to ship them back to the states, so that when I get back home, my two shisha babies are waiting for me.

From the long mission of looking for shisha, we decided to take a break and stop at a cafe an smoke some shisha ourselves. Me being the tourist I had my camera out taking photos and I caught eye contact with this little girl and i was like shit! she’s gonna come up to me and beg for money, of course she does, but she asks for like ten ten pounds, which is a good amount of money and I didn’t have any change, and my friends were telling her sorry we don’t have change, but she wouldn’t leave, so we just tried to ignore her but then she started taking the coles off my shisha and started putting them and another one that no one was using and she was trying to smoke out of the empty one, it was really funny watching my friend get in an argument in Arabic with this little girl, so then finally we found some change and she left us alone, but I got a picture of her before she left.  She looks sweet but she actually was a lil terror.


21 thoughts on “Ahh Shisha, ahh shisha

  1. I also went to the bazaars of Egypt and got addicted to shisha, I purchased one of the Khalil Mamoon shisha pipes and have been smoking it continueasly for almost a year now….! I’m not to sure about your choice of flavours, well cherry maybe but peach and pineapple don’t go down well with me I much prefer apple or mint.

  2. Bryan McNutt says:

    Sooo jealous of your travels.. it really takes some balls to get off your ass and experiance the world. My life is now officially a drag after seeing all these great photos and reading some of your stories. Anyways I’m glad to see that you are having so much fun. I was surprised when I first heard you’d gone east but to actually be living there (i guess) what an awesome experiance. Rad! As I look out on LA from my cubicle I can only wonder what you are doing right now — sooo sick — late mcnutt

  3. Terry says:

    Cindy right on I’m glad to see your safe and having a good time. take care and good luck Shish!


  4. Christine says:

    I love reading about your adventures! Sounds like you’re having a blast!

    • cindy aldana says:

      oh im glad you got my blog, i think i wrote you email wrong or something cuz your email would’nt work, i got a job in dahab egypt so i’ll probably be here a while.

  5. gina says:


    I guess its a new website about jelly’s i think u would enjoy.

    Where the hell are you????
    come back already.
    I miss you so much

  6. phil says:

    Ahh, those street kids will break your heart and piss you off at the same time. Poor little buggers. Its what they’re reduced to. Glad you’re still with good company. You look the part, so I hope all is going well and smooth.

    I’m back on the mainlnand. Figuring my next moves. Most likely north to SF, Sac, Chico and Redding, then shooting down to LA and going to Coachella.


  7. Sarah says:

    Hey Girl! I can’t believe your in Egypt! Love your stories and photos! You rock Cindy! Were dancing at the Market on April 1st! The Market I know! hahaha Your my Idol Sandy!!! hehehe

  8. cindy aldana says:

    thats amazing, rocks came in for me thats weird, what kind? i will for sure tell him, love you miss you too. xoxo

  9. Mommy says:

    Gina forgot to mention that Bup is riding a Kali’s bike now all by himself (with training wheels) up and down the sidewalk! Some rocks came in for you. Thank Peter for me and let him now that his hospitallity is very much appreciated, hopefully he’ll make it to the west coast someday and he can enjoy our hospitality.

  10. gina says:

    miss u. my email is back up so mail me k. niko is gonna be in the awards assembly for his school. He recieved an award for being respectfull and kali is in the 500 club. her teacher says she is an outstanding student and she is doing work of a third grader, plus she is in accelerated reading. Chris finally framed your area up and now i get the pleasure of moving your stuff again for the third time.

  11. Lydia Rivera says:

    hahaha….i can just imagine the lil girl on yo ass lol! I’m so glad ur having fun and glad you met those dudes they seem like their good guys and taking care of you. Can’t wait to meet ur shisha girlies 😉 love ya girl!

  12. Joe Aldana (Brother) says:

    Hey Sis, thanks for keeping us in the loop..You look like your having an amazing time, continue to be safe and tell your new friends that I appreciagte them looking out after you. Ease up with the puffing!!
    Love Ya,

    P.S Gina called me the other day and said she was going to tgake care of that thing you asked me before leaving..

  13. Jeneen says:

    Looks like you’re fitting in really well over there cindy! You SO cute in a headscarf! Love the pictures =)

  14. Mommy says:

    No Burning Man tickets yet (only parking tickets) but when they do come I’ll put them and the sishas together. I’ll let ya know when they come in, you look great!!!!!!!!

  15. Mommy says:

    I love that you met your match with the little hustler girl, perfect relentless tactic. Ok, where do I exactly put the two shishas babies, so when you wisha to see your sishas you can find them exactly in that spot when you come back.

    Crazy good music, danced at my desk, I liked the guy with the outrageous afro and the sound of your new smokers cough, Love you.

  16. Ellen says:

    Hey Cindy! Looks like you’re having a fantastic time over there! Love the updates!! Just wanted to say hi!!


  17. Cat says:

    Wow! That all sounds so magical! We are in Lincoln Nebraska. Of course we got pulled over by the Lincoln police right when we pulled into town. At least he only gave us a warning for not using a blinker. We will be in Madison tomorrow. I hung out all night in Boulder, Colorado with Linda. We walked around Pearl street and went out to eat. It was snowing all day and very cold. Meme loves the snow. She prances around like a happy deer. Keep safe! Love you.

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