Burningman 2012 Finally Back Home!

Finally the time had come where I was back at burning man. Driving that dark desert road back to Black Rock City.  It seems like your on a different planet. You’re at the end but what is actually the  beginning of your journey to burningman. Its one of my favorite places in the world. I had missed the last 2 years because I had been traveling around over seas. Whenever that time of the year would come, I would get a great sense of nostalgia. Remembering all the past years. My first year was 2007 and from then I was hooked. Every year so different and so amazing in their own way. Although I was traveling and having great experiences I still had that wish that I could just teleport some how for a week to Black Rock City and just lose my mind for a week on the playa. My friends abroad would always ask “whats burning man like”? That’s a question is always hard to answer. Words really can’t describe you just have to experience it!

Two years later I had arrived.  I had driven up with my good friend Keith AKA K Bueno. As soon as I arrived, i had felt like I was just their yesterday. That gap had disappeared and I know it sounds kind of cheezy, but I really felt like I was home. Aside from all the amazingness, burning man always seizes to test the depths of a person I feel. Yes you have a blast, but you also have to deal with the not so fun parts of it. Like setting up a tent in the middle of the night when your super exhausted from a long drive and have a stomach ache from eating too much jerky. There is crazy sandstorms that could last for hours, where pretty much everything gets covered in a layer of sand. If you have a tent and not a trailer or RV pretty much everything is covered. Burning man is not for the high maintenance. But that’s the whole experience of it all getting dusty. Everybody looks amazing all dusty and dressed up with rad clothes riding around on art, music with wheels. It looks like a post apostolic seen with incredible art, music. Every and anything you could possibly imagine from a stand out in the desert giving aways free pancakes and hugs to the thunder dome where people are beating the shit out of each other with foam clubs. Theres every kind of person from all walks of the earth, from grandma with her tits out in a tutu, to the steam punks, to gear heads, the little kid with a devil mask, the beautiful goddess dancer, gutter punks, cyber geek, every kind of person imagianble. It’s where creativity exudes from  people’s pours from head to toe.

It a place where at least 50,000 people come together and make their own community for a week and create. Weather its art, music, relationships, connections a new self.To create a different world from the norm or to create something new and take back. A  piece of mind.  You don’t only live here  you also survive here.  Burning man has its extremes. Whether it s the weather, sand storms, lightning storm, the desert heat, physical and mental challenges or whatever. You still always come back with a new sence of self. I always feel rebirthed.

Another thing is that once you get there you don’t pay for anything except  ice, to keep your food cold and if you want to buy coffee. Everyone is so giving, people just want to give. Its like if your happy im happy :). Great example me and my friend Jesse go get ice for our camp.  Our camp is not small we have at least 50 people in our camp.  We take the fish head off our art car and drive it down the bumpy dusty road to the ice store. We get there and there’s a huge line, and we wondered why no one wanted to get ice. But you know someones got to do it. So we waited in this long ass line. We were like shit! We didn’t bring anything to drink and then the people in front of us said you want a beer, uhh yes please, ice-cold! More standing this lady just comes along and sprays everyone with perfume cuz everyone’s all stinky and sweaty. More standing another dude comes by and starts misting everyone with this cold lavender sage water. Totally out of no where. It just keeps coming, otter pop dude comes with popsicle and starts handing them out to people in line. We finally get to the front and we need to buy about 20 bags of ice and it’s just us girlies and then these guys offer to help us carry it to our car. People are all about it, the love is everywhere.

My time at burning man was refreshing and cleansing. I meet a lot of new faces and was soooooo happy to see the old ones. I was camped with a new camp this year called Kamp Krusty. We were camped on the outside of the city with the desert mountains as our back yard I only knew a good handful of peeps. We had a krusty fish of an art  car that could fit the whole camp and a bit more. It was nice to have, to bring everyone together and get to know each other more. Fun times crusin the desert in that thing.  Lucky me I saw every sunset and every sunrise, partied every night and hung out in the day. I was like the energizer bunny. Sometimes I don’t know how I do it, I cease to amaze myself sometimes.  But there is a special energy that burning man gives, I literally had electricity running thew my body. I was shocking people and myself I even saw real sparks. Cant really explain it. This year I didn’t really get to see all the people who I wanted to see or hang out with them as much as I wanted. I was one side of the city and some of my friends were completely on the other side to get from one side of the city to get to the other it would literally take anywhere from 25 to 30 min depending on the weather, roads and how many people where out. It’s that big! But besides not being able to spend as much time as I wanted with some friends, the friends and people who I was hanging out with was fantastical. I didn’t have one bummer at burning man once. Except eating shit on the playa on my bike and getting a huge raspberry burn on my leg that kinda got infected and nasty at the end of the burn. I’m probably going to have a scar for life, but that’s ok, I consider it a burning man battle wound. A memory for life of that day and how much fun I had. My sister asked me what where your top 5 memories at burning man. I couldn’t answer that question either. The whole time was so amazing and awesome. Nothing was better than the other. From just sitting around at my camp with my friends doing nothing and just hanging around was a blast cracking jokes and being silly, to all the crazy lil bike adventures and stopping at random places. To hopping on crazy art cars and going to where ever it takes us. To dancing my face off every single night and day in the desert and just losing my self and finding myself all at the same time. To raging it in the desert with my camp on our huge Krusty Fish. I can’t pin point one thing.

Every great thing must come to and end sooner or later and that time was coming,  sad but true! After a spectacular week it was time for everyone to pack up. With burning man everything that you bring you have to take back with you leaving the desert with out a trace. At the end everyone is pretty exhausted and trying to keep their wits. Tensions tend to rise from time to time from lack of sleep and the heat. Everyone gets through it. You say your good byes some people you will see again and some you might not. But you leave with new friends, connections, inspiration, memories and all your shit. GOOD  TIMES! here’s a photo of the truck that brought all of the camps stuff and art car. I drove back to LA in this Beast it was a journey!














Chi town and Madison Surprises, Mid West Bound!

After my lovely sweaty 3 weeks in New York heat I decided to make a trip to the midwest to visit my best friend Cat. Before I went to Madison Wisconsin I wanted to check out Chicago for a couple of days. So I left New York and got a ride through ride share and drove from new york to chicago.  Very interesting going through all the small midwest cities. I definitely was in middle america. As usual I did some more couch surfing. Got hosted by this guy named tim that’s a funky chi town DJ. He had a super sweet place and had the cutest wiener dog named tugboat. We went to a couple of parties which was fun and I strolled around down town a bit. Visited the famous chicago bean and took some silly pictures. Walked in a garden and got stung by a bee. All in all I had a pretty good time in chicago even though it was short. Then off I went on a bus to Madison Wisconsin to visit my best friend.



Three hours later I make it to Madison.  my besty picks me up from the bus station and surprises me with a bundle of joy in her belly. She completely surprises me by being 5 months pregers. Its was a compleat and total suprise because she had kept it from me for so long. But it was great news. We did a lot of catching up. Me and Cat can talk for hours about everything and nothing. We would be mostly just chillen in the house with air conditioning because there was a crazy heat wave going on and it was in the 100’s. But when we wernt talking our ears off we would go go little trips to the lake and just hangout or go kayaking. Or make really good salads. Cat was growing really good romain lettuce from her garden. So we were eating really good and so was her soon to come bundle of joy. We also did some crafting and made some earrings we had alot of girl time. Well it was great catching up with my best friend and talking about baby stuff. After a week it was time to go back to californina. The cheapest way for me to come back was to do a combo of roadtrip and a flight out of montana to oakland. It was sad saying good by again. But next time I see here shes going to have a lil baby boy in her arms. I was off to montana. Heres some photos I shot out the window.

5 Points New York

Every time I come to New York I always come to Five Points also know as the graffiti museum it’s located in Queens. The graffiti and street art is always changing here. If you like Graffiti or street art this is one place that can’t be missed when you come to new york. I met up with my home boy ricks which is a long time writer was located in LA now located in new york. He also has a blog as well that ive mentioned before but a long time a ago but I’ll mention it again its called Skate All Cities, which is on skate and graffiti site here’s the link http://www.skateallcities.com/wordpress/ We took a walked around took some photos and admired the pieces all over the walls, slapped some stickers and bounced. But here are some of the photos I took.



A Day in Williamsburg Brooklyn

 Beside getting almost killed by a taxi on my skateboard in Brooklyn I had an a fantastic alone day. I Took some photos. Had a an amazing hotdog topped with chilli, bacon, jalapenos and pineapple. Went to some cool shops. Talked to some nice people and bought a sweet skirt. Also while I was there that day there happened to be a street fair going on. They had some live painting artists, Bands playing, pop up shops. They even put some sod down for people to chillout on.









New York Blues

After Paris it was time for me to come back to the states. It had been approximately 2 years and 4 months since i had been back. But before i got to New York I had a connecting flight in Berlin. I was kind of had a little doubt in my mind about going through customs because my visa. I went over my visa about 8 months. Oooooooooops my bad! I new that it was a risk, but I did it any way. What can I say,”im a risk taker”.  When I got to the gate and showed the guy  my Passport he flipped through it and saw that first of all there were barely any stamps in it because my last passport got stolen and then second that my last stamp was about 8 months ago. I was getting really nervous because he kept flipping through it and then he was talking to the other guy in German and I had no idea what they were saying to each other. To me anything in German sounds bad. I don’t know about you but for me the language is kind of harsh sounding. No offense to you Germans. Anyway after 5 minutes that seemed like hours I finally saw his hand go the stamp and grab in and thing bing, bang, boom! There  was a stamp for me. Yesssssssss! There was this huge sense of relief once that happened and now I was on my way to New York,yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

So My whole reason for coming to new York first was to see my beautiful older sister Lydia that’s been living here for years. Also to meet my mothers new boyfriend. So when I flew in my mother flew in as well, so I got to see her too. My stay consisted of me chillen with my sister. Catching up with my blogs. Wondering around the city,  skateboarding, being up to no good with my friend that just moved to new york from california. Meeting up with a friend that I had met in Egypt and taking photos. As you see all these photos are in blue. It just happened that a lot of the photos I took were in blue so i went with it.


Oui, Paris

 Well my time was up in Barcelona and time for me to go to Paris. My lovely friends Janine, Cristina ane Jaz came with me to wish me a fair well out of Barcelona. Bon voyage I went, on a  12 hour bus ride to Paris.  I decided to do more couch surfing again. Lucky me I got hosted by the sweetest parisan guy I’ve ever met. He met me at the subway station and helped me with my bags to his place because I was now moving back to the states and I had a good amount bags on me. I would have been such a damsel in distress if I would have had to do it by myself. It was a long bus ride and I was pretty wrecked but since I only had 3 days in Paris I wanted to take advantage of it. So that ment no resting for me.

So Lamine my couch surfing host had a scooter. Which was so much fun. There was one unfortunate thing that did happen though. On the bus ride my camera got wet and I was unable to use it. Such a horrible feeling especially when you’re in a new country and city and even more when you love to take photos.  I felt like I was missing a limb. So since I didn’t have a camera Lamine was so kind to snap photos and let me use his camera every once and while with his camera and phone. So there’s kind of  a lot of photos of just me. I managed to pack in a lot of things in so little time. Walks though the city, picnic in the park,coffees in cafes, drinks with his friends in their flat. Some urban explorations at night. Scooter rides, a trip to the effle tower. Watching cute street bands play, eating yummy crepes. Meeting friends for afternoon drinks. Sunsets looking over the beautiful city. Walking through the bohemian streets of paris.  A visit to Moulin Rouge, more drinks and conversations at friends. scooter rides in the rain.  A trip to the natural history museum, walks through gardens, eating pastries, painting on walls and so much more. I had such a fun time in Paris. I only wish I had a few more days. my time in Paris was short and sweet.